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The horror show must go on

Actors, musicians, artists and filmmakers grapple with the terror of performance, creation, and all the darkness it may reveal. Aussie slasher gem NIGHTMARES finds an actress murderously lose grip, while Jodorowsky's SANTA SANGRE takes you on a surreal journey through the children of a carnival. A mid-80s Argento favorite and a 1925 silent classic bring horror to OPERAtic heights and Conor McMahon's Irish horror-comedy STITCHES clowns around. Plus, comic books, pianists and the true story of one disastrous film.

Catch these and others on Shudder.TV Premium's new Art Destroys playlist now.

The show starts here

Watch while you paint your masterpiece




A frigid young theater actress, traumatized by her mother's horrific death years earlier, begins to suspect that she may be the culprit behind a series of brutal stabbings that are plaguing her current production. But is the drama queen prone to bloody hallucinations really insane, or is the stage set for a shocking final twist?

I'm guessing a shocking final twist

Santa Sangre


An armless woman drives her son to kill in Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal shocker. As a boy, Fenix saw his father cut off his mother's arms, and the resulting trauma sent him to a mental hospital. When mom visits him years later, he escapes, but soon must satisfy her thirst for santa sangre ("holy blood").

Mom of the year



A stalker torments an opera star by forcing her to watch her friends being murdered in one of giallo horror god Dario Argento's most terrifying films.

And you thought the opera was hard to sit through



An evil clown returns from the dead to terrorize the teens who caused his death in Irish horror director Conor McMahon's (FROM THE DARK) anything but funny fright film.

Sounds justified to me

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