Monday, March 28, 2016

Shudder curator Colin Geddes on BASKIN, now in theaters and on demand

WARNING: These new films are for extreme fans only

Go to hell with BASKIN

BASKIN is in select theaters and video on demand now.

Starting off as a buddy cop film that leaps into the Twilight Zone and takes a detour to hell, BASKIN is visceral and profoundly disturbing. Grotesque images are half-glimpsed in the shadows as a group of cops enter a building in the desolate countryside and find themselves in the middle of a ritual celebrating the dark arts. While he draws inspiration from a diverse range of films including Quest for Fire, Apocalypse Now, and Hellraiser, the touchstones for Evrenol's visions also come from the art world, from pagan art to Caravaggio, Bosch and Giger.

I love watching international horror films to experience what makes people scream in different parts of the world. The output and availability of horror films from Turkey is particularly sparse, which makes what Evrenol pulls off with BASKIN even more rare and special.

If you enjoy BASKIN, check out some other surreal shockers from around the world on Shudder like ANGST (Austria), THE BEYOND (Italy), AUDITION (Japan), BEDEVILLED (South Korea) and LEFT BANK (Belgium).

- Colin Geddes, Shudder curator

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Shudder's surreal shockers



When a psychopath is released from prison, he hunts for fresh victims to torture and kill. When he enters a secluded house where an elderly woman lives with her two adult children, his evil work begins.

Workin' for the weekend

The Beyond

In this gore classic, a woman inherits a hotel built over an entrance to Hell. But when she starts to renovate, the gates get opened, bringing forth enough demons, killer spiders, ghosts, and evil zombies to make a grand reopening highly unlikely.

Plan your visit


In AUDITION, Widower Aoyama falls for the radiant and mysterious Asami. But as he delves into her past, he learns her former acquaintances have either gone missing - or have missing limbs. Will he be next?

Yes, he will


Selfish clerk Hae-won agrees to visit an old friend, Bok-nam, on a remote island, where she discovers that Bok-nam serves as a slave to the other residents. But after tragedy strikes, Bok-nam seeks vengeance against all of her oppressors.

Sounds justified

Left Bank

When Marie, an introverted young athlete, collapses and is forced to rest, she decides to move in with her new boyfriend in his flat in Left Bank. Their passionate relationship seems to be really helping her, until she discovers that the previous tenant of the flat mysteriously disappeared. Marie begins to doubt whether she can really trust her boyfriend. Life in Left Bank, once envisaged as a dream town, starts to become an alienating nightmare. Slowly, she loses grip on reality.

left bank, right now

This week on Shudder.TV Premium: Spring has sprung

The Vernal Equinox is upon us. Spring has sprung and it's time to join hands and gather in hope of giving soil and fertile wombs.

Among Shudder.TV Premium'ss offerings are nightmarish visions of sacrifice, community, birth and rebirth. High-rise neighbors have malicious intent in PENUMBRA and LEFT BANK. You won't fare much better in the open countryside congregations of CHILDREN OF THE CORN, THE SHRINE and DEADLY BLESSING. And you can expect the worst from expecting terrors GRACE, PUFFBALL and COFFIN ROCK. Flowers, babies and evil blooms on Shudder.TV Premium.

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