Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fox News, Ten Years Later

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Brave New Films
Dear Friend --

10 years ago, I was working on a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Coalition when a friend of mine told me about a film I had to see.  She knew that I devoured cable news and was glued to my seat for updates on what was happening in Afghanistan and the then relatively new war in Iraq.  The film she wanted me to see was OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism and it literally changed my life.  Not just because it opened my eyes to the systematic and deceitful practices of Fox, but because it led me to a job I have cherished for almost 9 years.



With the release of Outfoxed the veil was lifted on what we thought was "fair and balanced" and now know was a systematic brainwashing run directly by conservatives.  The film was successful in letting the public understand that this was not a news operation at all but an ideology.  I am proud to be part of Brave New Films, working with Robert Greenwald and the rest of our passionate staff shining a spotlight on issues that are not part of the mainstream media. We have plans to continue waging controversial battles and exposing the bad guys. 

We would like you to help celebrate the Outfoxed milestone by committing to donate $10 a month for our 10th Anniversary.  Our goal is to reach 1,000 donors to help us break new ground with our work.  In the upcoming months we will be focusing on three areas: Justice, Inequality and Safety.  Through these three focus areas we will fight against mass incarceration, poverty and war.  We will be fighting for a living wage, alternatives to incarceration and not spending another trillion dollars on war.  Our staff, work, press and distribution are better than they have ever been.  Because of your help we have grown immensely since producing OutFoxed. Please consider donating $10 a month or whatever you can so we can keep producing quality work that is effective.

Thanks for your support!

Jim Miller
Executive Director
Brave New Films

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