Sunday, November 10, 2013


 Karen Dalton- Vocals / Long neck Banjo / 12 string guitar.
Recorded on a reel-to-reel in Karen's Colorado home in 1963.
 1. Green Rocky Road -0:00
2. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo -4:01
3. Ribbon Bow -7:26
4. Katie Cruel -11:35 5.
Little Margaret -16:46
6. Red Rockin' Chair -21:54
7. Nottingham Town -25:47
8. Skillet Good & Greasy- 32:13
9. In The Evening -36:09
These rare recordings were later released on this excellent disc . Karen only recorded 2 studio albums. She is a little known figure in the folk world but was adored by those who knew her in the folk clubs and coffee shops in which she (seldomly) performed.
Karen died in 1993.
 Here is an excellent article that sums it up including great insight from Karen's daughter.
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